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Easter 2019

This past week in Paris, a terrible fire struck the heralded Notre Dame cathedral.  As fire fighters battled the blaze, a small group of First Responders broke away to rescue some of its cherished relics; including the Crown of Thorns which some believe Jesus Christ wore on the cross.

Without question, the fires destroyed a treasured 12th century building.  But what was not destroyed, and never will be, is the spirit that embodies that structure.  That is because the Church is NOT a building; it is people.  The Church is you and me.

On this Easter Sunday, as “the church” we celebrate what the Bible teaches: Jesus LOVES us, is FOR us, and through His resurrection, He now EMPOWERS us to live victoriously.  Jesus is the ultimate Fire Fighter who offers us a new beginning out of the ashes.



Children and Youth are welcome

Snacks and refreshments provided at the end of the service