Thrive Youth

Are you a family with young students or maybe you are a student and want to have fun and discover more of what it means to follow Jesus but want a safe space that’s not threatening or intimidating?

Formed by mentor and youth leader Melissa Peña Thrive Youth invites middle and high school students to have conversations of faith.

The group participates in outings throughout the year. This year they will be planning a Mexico Trip!

Come meet us on Sundays at 9am we have donuts and board games!

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Thrive Youth Poster

Estancia High School CRU

Would you like to connect and get to know students?

How about getting to know your local High School Football team and attending and supporting their games?

We believe in neighboring and with intentionality looked for the opportunity to invest in our literal Neighbor: The Estancia High School.  As a church family we understood a lot fo the students that attend there are part of our local community and we wanted to get to know them.

In Partnership with CRU and students at EHS the Cru Club was formed to build relationships, share Jesus and nurture students in their faith.

Our team provides pizzas and drinks for students. With the help of volunteers we typically share a word, pray, play games, read scripture and allow students to share their stories.

We’ve gotten a chance to go and cheer students at their games, we made fun trips to Winter/Summer Retreats with the CRU team or we simply get to go together to the movies at our local Triangle Square Cinemas

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